Store #9 - Iris Cafe

The atmosphere of this Brooklyn Heights cafe combines great food and drinks with the nostalgia of the most beautiful cobblestone street in Willowtown. Iris Cafe has grown from its cafe roots of serving breakfast and lunch to serving dinner as Store #9 with a full bar and late night menu. Chef Joey Scalabrino has revamped dinner service by adding a variety of unique dishes.

“Best Café New York 2010” –New York Magazine

Willowtown Store #7

Willowtown Store #7 serves the needs of residents from Brooklyn Heights to Carroll Gardens. This neighborhood favorite is open and delivering 7am until Midnight, 7 days a week. Store #7 has expanded into a full service general store providing local produce, craft beers, full service espresso bar, and gourmet provisions. Our on premise kitchen and bakery provides a daily array of prepared foods, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and an assortment of baked goods.


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Store #9 Iris Cafe

20 columbia place brooklyn ny 11201
t. 718.722.7395 f. 718.797.3813

dinner 5:30PM-12AM

market greens. cherries. marcona almonds. 12

hen of the woods mushroom. housemade ricotta. honey 14

summer squash. beets. avocado. pistachio 14

kale croquettes. cured egg yolk. lemon 10

shishito peppers. tahini. sea salt 9

fairytale eggplants. soft egg. trout roe 16

tomato. burrata. scallion pancake 16

housemade tagliatelle. chanterelles. confit tomato. corn 19

housemade garganelli. soft egg. peas. prosciutto di parma 19


octopus. fava beans. plums. good olive oil 17

scallops. plums. cucumber. yuzu kosho 20

chicken. chanterelles. carrot. garlic scape 25

short rib. tomato. leeks. shallot 32


cheese plate. strawberry + rhubarb jam. marcona almonds 15


cava 10/38
canals canals. catalonia. spain

lini 910 lambrusco rosso 11/42
emilia-romagna. italy


brut rose 13/50
lucien albrecht. alsace. france

jean luc colombo 8/30
provence. france 2013

laurent miguel 9/34
languedoc-rousillon. france 2012


chardonnay 9/34
oyster bay. marlborough. new zealand 2012

sauvignon blanc 10/38
la petite perriere. loire. france 2013

gewurztraminer 11/42
dr. konstantin frank. finger lakes. new york 2012

gavi 12/46
beni di batasiolo. piedmont. italy 2012


pinot noir 9/34
landmark. sonoma county. california 2012

beaujolais 10/38
pascal des rillettes. burgundy. france 2012

cabernet sauvignon 10/38
bacchus. napa valley. california 2012

cabernet sauvignon 12/46
raymond. napa valley. california 2012


victory summer ale 9
guiness stout 8
ithaca flower power 9
stiegl lager 8


left hand milk stout 7
victoria lager 7
victory prima pilsner 7


old fashioned
whisky. angostura bitters, cherry

bourbon. sweet vermouth. cointreau. angostura bitters

brandy. cointreau. lemon juice

gin. campari. sweet vermouth

white rum. mint. soda. angustora bitters

vodka citron. lemon. mint. soda

hemingway daiquiri
rum. maraschino. lime. grapefruit

pimm's cup
pimm's. cointreau. ginger.cucmber. mint



fruit + yogurt 8

biscuit + jam and butter 7

avocado toast 7
add one or two eggs 8/10

house made ricotta. honey. sea salt.
sourdough 10

crispy tortilla. salsa roja. avocado.
chihuahua cheese 12
add egg 2

french toast
house made ricotta. cinnamon butter 14

roasted tomato. tahini. toast.
poached egg 13

smoked salmon
english muffin. creme fraiche. smoked
nettle butter. pickled onion.
poached egg 14


piquillo. grapefruit. avocado. yogurt 12

caesar salad
parmaigiano-reggiano. spanish anchovies. sesame seeds. pumpernickel 13


avocado. dijon mayo. cheddar cheese.
pickled cucumber 11

ham. herb butter. cornichons. mustard 12

pastrami. sauerkraut. caraway aioli.
cheddar cheese 12

turkey. chipotle mayo. provolone. lettuce.
tomato 11

bacon 4. chips 3. fruit 6. toast 3.
daily selection of scones & muffin

small coffee 2
large coffee 3
americano 3
espresso 3
macchiato 3.5
cortado 3.5
cappuccino 4
latte 4.5
iced coffee 4

breakfast blend tea 4
earl grey 4
lemon verbena tea 4
peppermint tea 4
chamomile 4
mao jian green tea 4

hot chocolate 3.5/4.5

orange juice 4
grapefruit juice 4
cold pressed apple juice 4
cold pressed black current juice 4

ceylon black iced tea 4
peppermint iced tea 4

Q ginger 3.5
Q kola 3.5
Q club 3.5

grapefruit mimosa 9
orange mimosa 9
kir royal 9
bloddy mary 10

victory hop devil 6
allagash white 7
guiness stout 7
stiegl lager 7

titan ipa 7
left hand milk stout 6
victory prima pilsner 7

Willowtown Store #7

16 columbia place brooklyn ny 11201
t. 718.797.3805 f. 718.797.3813


gluten-free bread available upon request

country ham
thin sliced ham, cheddar, tomato + dijon mayo on toasted 7-grain 8.50

avocado sandwich
avocado, quick pickle, cheddar, lettuce + dijon mayo on toasted 7-grain 9.50

smoked turkey + cheddar
smoked turkey, cheddar, quick pickles, lettuce + dijon mayo on toasted cranberry-pecan bread 10.00

roasted chicken
olive tapenade, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato + dijon mayo on french baguette 10.00

thin-sliced ham, cheddar, quick pickles, apple + dijon mayo on french baguette 10.00

baked goods

muffin 2.50
scone 3.75
buttermilk biscuit 3.00
bacon + cheddar biscuit 3.50
cookies 1.25


served with buttered baguette

cobb salad
hard egg, quick pickle, cheddar, walnuts + your choice of country ham, smoked turkey, or avocado 10.00
a little bit of each 11.00

smoked fish salad
smoked trout, grapefruit, avocado, red onion, romaine 12.00

all veggie salad
tomato, quick pickle, avocado + roasted
cauliflower 9
add hard egg 10

curried turkey salad
smoked turkey, curry mayo, celery + red onion with toasted walnuts served with cranberry-pecan toast 11
can also be served as a sandwich

caesar salad
romaine, anchovy dressing, parmigiano reggiano, breadcrumbs 10

Dietz & Watson Meat

Honey Ham $8.49/lb
Applewood Ham $9.50/lb
Smoked Turkey Breast $9.99/lb
Herbed Turkey $9.99/lb
Prosciutto $11.99/lb
Corned Beef $10.99/lb
Pastrami $10.99/lb
Genoa Salami $9.99/lb
Soppressata $12.50/lb

Dietz & Watson Cheese

Gouda $10.99/lb
Swiss $7.99/lb
Muenster $6.99/lb